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So you're looking to pick up a mag coupler or clamp for your Glock mags and carbine, but there's so many companies and material choices out there. We're here to make it a bit easier for you to narrow down your choices with a few of our premium Glock-compatible mag couplers and clamps.

What Is a Mag Coupler?

A magazine coupler or magazine clamp is a small device used to attach two or more box magazines together. They can be as simple as a small spacer and some tape, often referred to as "jungle style mags", or as premium and complex as a machined aluminum clamp with active retention in the form of a fastener. Some companies have even developed magazines with integrated locking systems to couple factory magazines together, the SG550 is a notable example.

Mag couplers first cropped up in combat theatres throughout history alongside the popularization of box magazines used in modern firearms. The practicality of having multiple mags taped or attached together allowed for faster reloads and lessened the burden of carrying extra magazines.

From Navy SEALs to controversial political activists, coupled magazines have become an iconic staple of the modern warfighter and flat range LARPer.

Ethiopian soldiers, a Navy SEAL, and Malcom X pose with jungle style coupled magazines

From left to right: An Ethiopian soldier with an M1 Carbine poses with jungle style magazines, a Navy SEAL gives a thumbs up equipped with an MP5 with coupled magazines, Malcom X peers out his window in defence with an M1 Carbine loaded with jungle style mags.

Why Use a Magazine Coupler?

There's a number of benefits to using a magazine coupler or clamp. Notably it's a lot more convenient to have your extra magazines as close to your rifle as possible. While battle belts, plate carriers, and chest rigs are popular options for storing magazines, they don't allow for the speed and ease of reloading that a coupled magazine would provide.

A shooter can reload quickly and easily with a coupled magazine, often much more so than any other method. Using mag couplers reduces the movements needed to reload your rifle, typically allowing the shooter to remain on the gun and on target during the entire reload. Reload speed and ease is key in high-speed engagements on those dangerous paper targets.

What Are My Options for My Glock Carbine?

There are a number of companies out there manufacturing all different kinds of Glock compatible magazine couplers, but we're admittedly partial to our own. With dozens of 5 star reviews, our Glock Mag Coupler (9mm/.40) and our Glock Mag Coupler (10mm/.45) are proven workhorses for the flat range or for use in a more professional capacity.

Glock Mag Coupler from Oscar Delta Co.

Pictured: Glock Mag Coupler (9mm/.40) from Oscar Delta Co.

Our mag couplers are 3D printed using a high-strength heat-resistant polymer. Your mags are securely held together with an integrated fastener and threaded insert, in addition to our super grippy tape used to ensure your mags don't shift. Additive manufacturing allows us to cut down on cost, weight, and pass on those savings to our customers. Rather than a costly machined coupler made of weighty metal, our couplers are manufactured using super durable and lightweight polymer.

Mag Couplers for Alternative Rifle Platforms

We manufacture a number of magazine clamps for all sorts of rifle and carbine platforms at Oscar Delta Co., and we're always looking to add more to our catalog. Additive manufacturing allows for us to rapidly prototype and test new products, meaning we're able to pump out mag couplers and other products quicker and at a lower cost than our competition.

MP5 Magazine Coupler from Oscar Delta Co.

Pictured: MP5 Mag Coupler from Oscar Delta Co.

Shop magazine couplers for other rifle platforms including GSG-16, MP5, CZ Scorpion, SIG MPX, KUSA KP/KR-9, PSA AK-VB&T, S&W M&P, AR-15, AK-47, AR-15/M4, and 10/22. Each of our mag clamps are developed using the same design and manufacturing process with high-strength and heat-resistant polymer. Our couplers are securely held together by an M4 fastener and integrated thread insert, your mags are held in place using our super grippy non-slip tape to ensure your mags don't shift.

Concluding Thoughts on Couplers and Clamps

Maybe mag couplers aren't for everybody, but we hope that we've made a compelling case for you to give us your hard-earned money in exchange for some cool firearm accessories. If couplers aren't your thing, feel free to check out our entire catalog of firearm accessories, mounts, and more!

Until next time, keep your lead in the A-box.

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